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Adjunct Professor McGrath breaks down when online service agreements are enforceable

Posted August 27, 2015 by

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - Aug 24, 2015 

Adjunct Professor William McGrath explores the complicated world of online terms of service and when they are legally enforceable.

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MJ Graduate Degrees for Professionals Offered At John Marshall

Posted August 12, 2015 by

San Francisco Gate - Aug. 6, 2015 

The John Marshall Law School now offers master of jurisprudence (M.J.) graduate degrees. These degrees provide non-lawyers with an understanding of the law, with the option of focusing on several legal specialties.

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IP courts considering morality of trademarks now more than ever: Professor Doris Long

Posted August 10, 2015 by

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - Aug 5, 2015

Professor Doris Long says the Washington Redskins trademark case shows that morality and public order are playing an increased role when determining if a trademark registration should be canceled.

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China IP Program offers legal, cultural lessons a world away

Posted July 21, 2015 by

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - July 17, 2015

In its seventh year, John Marshall's China IP Summer Program extended its trial program to Shanghai. Students like Mitchell Capp discuss not only the legal but also the cultural lessons they gleaned during their summer course trip to Beijing.

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Professor Lim: USSC concerned with extending patent rights beyond term

Posted July 9, 2015 by

Intellectual Property Watch - July 8, 2015

Professor Daryl Lim says the U.S. Supreme Court's core concern was to prevent the extension of patent rights beyond the patent term when it affirmed Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises, a patent case which held a patent owner cannot still accrue royalties on a product after the patented term has expired.

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John Marshall organizes Sino-US IPR Mock Trial Program in China

Posted July 6, 2015 by

China Daily USA - July 3, 2015

For the seventh year in a row, John Marshall organized the SINO-U.S. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Mock Trial Program in China in cooperation with China University of Political Science and Law. The program aims to educate Chinese and U.S. companies about the similarities and differences between each countries' IPR laws.

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Professor Long: What the TPP means for IP enforcement

Posted June 30, 2015 by

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - June 25, 2015

Professor Doris Long discusses the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free-trade agreement involving 12 countries including the U.S., and the impact it may have on intellectual property enforcement standards.

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Adjunct Professor McGrath: Even a murderer like Adolf Hitler can own a copyright

Posted June 25, 2015 by

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - June 22, 2015

Adjunct Professor William T. McGrath details the history behind Adolf Hitler's infamous book "Mein Kampf" and how the publication became part of a major copyright law dispute in the United States.

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Professor Lim breaks down the latest Apple v. Samsung ruling

Posted June 8, 2015 by

Real Clear Policy - June 8, 2015

Professor Daryl Lim discusses the current legal battle between Apple and Samsung and why patent law has played such a major role.

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Professor Long talks scandalous marks

Posted June 3, 2015 by

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin - June 1, 2015

Professor Doris Long discusses whether marks often considered scandalous should be protected under trademark law.

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