New This Summer: Criminal Investigations

Interested in Criminal Law and investigations but just can’t find the right class? Now you can! The Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution announces a new summer course for JD students. Criminal Investigations – Law 112 –  allows students the opportunity to take an in depth look at the criminal investigations process.

The course is designed to further a students understanding of the criminal investigation process to bridge the gap between investigation and litigation. Through a creative blending of the history of criminal investigations and the contemporary form of current-day procedures, the student will develop the  analytical skills necessary in understanding a process that effects every criminal case.  Specific investigative techniques, which are most effective for particular crimes, will be discussed and examined for both strengths and weaknesses in the courtroom process from both the prosecutorial and defense viewpoints. To further the opportunity for the student to be exposed to real-world application of this process the course is scheduled to be taught by a retired Chicago Police Captain.

This is an exciting new course and dynamic opportunity for the student and future advocate interested in criminal law!  Don’t miss out on this option to further your skills training and education in this field.



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