Faculty Activities and Publications

Professor Steven Schwinn

Professor Schwinn was a guest on WBEZ’s Morning Shift with Tony Sarabia on April 30, discussing FOIA requests from state to state: One of these petitioners was not a state resident, seeking records to child support enforcement from an ex-spouse who lived in Virginia. The other one was seeking real estate tax records from the state of Virginia. And the state denied both requests under the state FOIA, stating that their state FOIA applies only to Virginia residents. Only Virginia residents can get information by way of FOIA.

Professor Schwinn was a guest on WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift with Peter Sagal on April 29, giving a refresher on the U.S. Constitution: “The Constitution kind of provides a framework for allowing politics to happen in a civil way in this country. It gives enough flexibility to allow the political branches to do what they need to do to represent the will of the people, more or less—and that’s why I think it more or less works.”

Professor Hugh Mundy

Professor Mundy commented on the guilty plea in the Donne Trotter case in the Weekly Citizen: “I believe the motivation for the plea was the case was up for a misdemeanor and not a felony,” Mundy said. “A felony conviction is much more serious in length and consequences. The senator would not have been able to ever possess a firearm again if he’d been convicted on a felony charge.”