John Marshall Welcomes New Spring Semester Students

New Spring Semester

John Marshall welcomed 39 new JD students to its spring entering class.

The new students continue to reflect John Marshall’s longstanding mission of access and opportunity. More than half of the new JD class – 54 percent – are women and 54 percent identify as minorities.

John Marshall is the only law school in Illinois—and one of the only law schools in the country—to offer spring enrollment for incoming students.

Students applying for admission to John Marshall can choose between a fall or spring semester start date, a choice few other law schools in the country offer. “At John Marshall, we offer incoming students the flexibility of enrolling in January,” said William Powers, Associate Dean for Admission & Student Affairs. “January enrollment has significant advantages. First, you can get a jump on your legal education without having to wait until August. Also, enrolling in January enables students to gain legal experience over three summers instead of two.”

Students gain other advantages from a spring start. For some, the January enrollment date may put them in a better position than their fall semester counterparts. “Classes are smaller, and students can take the bar in February and enter the job market months ahead of the students who began in August,” Powers said. “It really is a great option.”

The January enrollment date has been offered at John Marshall for decades. Students who are admitted for the fall have the option of deferring their start date to January if that is more convenient for them.

Classes start for new and returning students on January 23.