John Marshall IP Director Daryl Lim Speaks About Patent Cases to Watch in 2017

Associate Professor Daryl Lim, director of the Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, spoke at the joint IPLAC and Federal Circuit Bar Association’s Major Regional Program on March 15 in Chicago.

Lim appeared on a panel about patent cases to watch in 2017. Also on the panel was U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feinerman of the Northern District of Illinois.

The program focused on key current issues in patent law, case management of PTAB trials and patent litigation, cybersecurity and trade secrets and ethical considerations involving subject matter conflicts.

Lim is considered a leader in the fields of antitrust and patent law. His book Patent Misuse and Antitrust Law: Empirical, Doctrinal and Policy Perspectives has been lauded in “World Competition Law and Economics Review,” a leading journal focusing on competition law. His book has been cited to the U.S. Supreme Court by lawyers for both sides in their briefs in Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises, Inc., a case concerning post-expiration patent royalty payments. He has written nearly 30 articles and participated at over 50 conferences and talks.

His work also has been cited in several reports, including those by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Canadian government. He became director of John Marshall’s intellectual property program in October 2015.

John Marshall’s Intellectual Property Law program was ranked 19th in that nation by. U. S. News & World Report. With more than 50 specialized IP courses, John Marshall’s program draws students from around the U.S. and across the globe. It has partnered with IP lawyers in the People’s Republic of China for 20 years. It also conducts an ABA-approved summer program in China dedicated to IP issues.