Faculty/Staff Activities and Publications

Professor Donald Beschle

He provided comments to The Indianapolis Star regarding the new First Church of Cannabis in Indiana being unlikely to win its claim under the Religious Freedom Reformation Act (RFRA).

Professor Kim Chanbonpin

She participated in a conference hosted by the Federal Bar Association in Washington, D.C., called Women in the Law: Putting Progress into Practice.

Brian Clauss
Director, Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic

He provided comments to The National Law Journal on why law schools have begun opening law clinics focused on veterans issues.

He presented at a conference at Southern Illinois University’s School of Law called Access to Justice for Rural Veterans – Policy, Law and Health Care.

Professor Marc Ginsberg

He gave a presentation at the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics 38th Annual Law Professors Conference at St. Louis University School of Law.

Professor Samuel Jones

He was interviewed by Huffington Post Live regarding the findings of a 2006 report by the FBI, which warned of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement.

His op-ed regarding white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement was discussed on the Internet program “Advise TV News.”

Professor Daryl Lim

He provided comments to Real Clear Policy regarding the current legal battle between Apple and Samsung and why patent law has played such a major role in the case.

He provided comments to Intellectual Property Watch regarding Kimble v. Marvel Enterprises, a patent case which held a patent owner cannot still accrue royalties on a product after the patented term has expired.

Professor Ann Lousin

She published an article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin with Joseph Kearney entitled “Chicago is not Detroit – a tale of two cities and bankruptcy.”

She also published the article “Magna Carta celebrates 800 years and counting” in the Law Bulletin.

She was interviewed by WFLD-Fox Chicago regarding the U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding same-sex marriage and what it means for Illinois.

She was interviewed on the SiriusXM radio program Knowledge@Wharton regarding the Illinois pension ruling.

She provided comments to Thompson Reuters regarding the Illinois pension crisis.

She provided comments to CLTV and the Chicago Sun-Times regarding a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling which threw out five of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s criminal convictions.

Professor Doris Long
Director, Center for Intellectual Property, Information & Privacy Law

She published the following columns in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:

  • Scandalous marks sell: Can they be protected?
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership talks affect IP enforcement

Bill McGrath
Associate Director, Center for Information Technology & Privacy Law

He published a column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin entitled “Hitler’s U.S. book sales: Even villains can own copyrights.”

Professor Hugh Mundy

He was interviewed by the following news outlets regarding former U.S. Speaker Dennis Hastert pleading not guilty to 2 counts of fraud charges:

  • The Washington Post
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • NBC Chicago
  • Patch

He published a column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin entitled “Mysterious letter forewarned Eastland’s demise.”

Professor Timothy O’Neill

He published the following columns in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:

  • “Fresh look at Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule eyes two wrongs”
  • “Justice Kennedy shines light on prisons’ dark side in concurrence”

Professor Steven Schwinn
Director, Clinical Program

He provided comments to SCOTUSblog regarding an Eighth Amendment challenge to Oklahoma’s lethal injection cocktail.

He also published the following articles in Constitutional Law Prof Blog:

  • “Court Rejects Challenge to OK Lethal Injection”
  • “Court Hands Victory to the People in Redistricting”
  • “Tenth Circuit Rejects Challenge to Contraception Mandate”

Professor Arthur Yuan

He provided comments to China Daily USA and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding John Marshall’s China IP Summer Program.


Joseph Kearney
Associate Director, Career Services Office

He was appointed by the Secretary of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to a three-year term as a public member of the Illinois State Board of Dentistry.

R. Dennis Smith
Project Manager for the Fair Lending Home Preservation Law Project

He provided comments to the Chicago Tribune regarding the Eastland Disaster and why modern civil law would have complicated the case.