Fair Housing Clinic’s Bethel Discusses Federal Discrimination Case Filed Against Tinley Park

Professor Allison Bethel, Director, Fair Housing Legal Clinic

As published by the Chicago Tribune 

In a recent Chicago Tribune article about the federal discrimination charges that the village of Tinley Park is facing after refusing to allow a 47-unit affordable housing development to be built there, Clinical Professor Allison Bethel, co-director of the Fair Housing Legal Support Center & Clinic, commented that the myth that affordable housing leads to crime and lower property values is simply a myth.  “People make broad, sweeping generalizations that ‘poor people do this’ when it’s not true,” Bethel told the Tribune. “The income level of a person is not what determines the content of their character and behavior.”

Bethel also explained that the Fair Housing Act was designed to eliminate discrimination and promote integration. The federal government, in pursuing its case against Tinley Park, is affirmatively using tools at its disposal to promote integration, Bethel said in the article.

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